Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to the world, my dear Seb

Our little Sebastian was born May 29th. He is so precious.

An American in Paris-2000 Streets

My friend Hannah is living and working in Paris for a year, and shares her experiences, amazing photos, and love of all things culinary on her blog, 2000 Streets. A few of her photos are below, but I would highly recommend checking out her blog for yourself. Her vivid descriptions of life in France are breathtaking and I know you'll find yourself enraptured by her zest for life and enthusiasm for flowers, food, color and the atmosphere of Paris.

She writes, "Paris draws in the lost and wandering and fosters dreams that you forgot,or never knew you had. It is a safety valve of sorts, an Elysian escape from real lifewhere we imagine that we could flee and rediscover ourselves among the backdrop of artists and gypsies, centuries old architecture and modern philosophies, color, light, smells, and sounds."

Although this photo was actually taken by Hannah's brother, I had to share it with you. Isn't it lovely? I guess talent runs in the family!

Update: Hannah has a new blog about her post-Paris life, and it is every bit as fabulous.