Saturday, September 6, 2014

A bit of our apartment

We had guests over for dinner tonight, so it was a great excuse to attack all those little corners of mess we've had going on for the last week and a half and really get a portion of our apartment looking somewhat finished (the other half... not so much). I know my mom has been itching to see more pictures of our progress, so I give you a very humble and partial home tour! We really love this apartment. The floor plan feels great and spacious, and the floors, walls, and all the little details—even the smell—remind me of my grandma's Florida house that we would visit when we were little. I loved that house, so this apartment, though old, and definitely not my on-paper idea of a perfect apartment feels very nostalgic and homey to me. And isn't the process of taking a blank slate, with all of it's imperfections and oddities, and making the best of a it a really fun thing? I'm not looking for greener grass, I'm happy to take care of the oddly shaped and sort of brown garden plot I've been given.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Days in Waco, Texas

A week ago today we arrived in Waco, Texas. I am writing this now with the bold assumption that we will actually have internet in our apartment today*, and that I can share a few photos sometime before the clock strikes midnight. I’ve been trying to take advantage of this no-wireless existence so that we could get boxes unpacked, furniture arranged, and walls decorated. I absolutely can’t stand living in an apartment that feels like it is the recent recipient of new residents. I want our place to feel like we’ve been here for years, and that it’s worn in, cared for, and loved. 

The progress has been slow, compounded by the fact that most of our boxes have been in storage for over a year and I have no idea what’s even in them anymore. However, we were so blessed to have Cody’s dad drive down from Ohio with us and stay from Monday through Friday, and without him, this move would have been much harder. He seamlessly fit into our rotation of drivers and helped pass snacks and toys back to the boys when he was off-duty. While he was here, he filled in for Cody doing Lowe’s runs, installed our washer and dryer, contributed an invaluable amount of brain-power towards figuring out how to set up our ancient table that turned out to be missing a crucial piece, was our in-house navigator and googler (because his iPhone reaches beyond the bounds of in-house internet) and played hours upon hours of frisbee outside our apartment in the hot Texas heat. What a champ. We all loved having him with us, but especially the boys. Bruno and Seb were indignant when Papa sat in “Pawpaw’s chair” at dinner the night after he left. And they still ask where Pawpaw’s bed went, and check the back seat of the van to see if Pawpaw’s back there. The only thing that keeps me upbeat about his absence is knowing that he is coming back on October 1st with Mamaw! Until then, we have this apartment to work on and Waco to get acquainted with.

Celebrating Pawpaw's birthday at Uncle Dan's Barbeque joint.

So far, most of my Waco “adventures” include going to the local H.E.B. for groceries, one Target run, getting lost a few times, and, my favorite, a walk with Sebastian to Barefoot, a campus outfitters store with the most gorgeous Baylor University shirt designs of all time. Seriously, your babies might be getting BU gear because I’ve never seen such cute onesies in all my life. After we were finished there (we purchased two BU hats for Seb and Bruno) we stopped and bought a blue snow cone from elementary aged boys selling them to raise money for their college fund. Seeing boys that age selling and serving food of any kind is probably one of the most hilarious and endearing experiences that exists.

So we’re settling in. Cody loves his classes, and the people he is working with. We’re enjoying having a home again (one that includes more than the content of 4 suitcases), and relishing the fact that we are on relatively the same time zone as all our friends and family. I’m pretty sure I called my mom 5 times in one day to mostly ask about a single recipe. This must mean we’re living the good life. 

I asked for a first day of school picture, and these are what he gave me. Kindergarten or PhD program?
Someday soon, I hope, I’ll get to posting our last pictures of Germany, and thoughts about it. Until then, I’ll just say that we feel a little bit lost without her, and long for the reassurance of seeing German on all the signs and food packaging (oddly something that made living in Germany somewhat uncomfortable) the predictability of Seb going to Kindy with his friends (whom he talks about daily), and walking to all our familiar places. It’s a somewhat precarious and challenging spot, this straddling of two worlds and languages. But we’re up for the challenge.

Here’s to this next adventure, because it will be just that.

*I wrote this on Monday, but as it turns out, wifi was not in the cards for us until today.