Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food | Leeks

I have found something delicious, and although I am probably the last person in all the earth to have discovered this marvelous vegetable, but will nonetheless share my enthusiasm for leeks as if I were the first to have stumbled upon it.

I first used leeks in a potato leek soup. To be honest, I only decided to try it when I read an article about them from David Lebovitz, that highlighted their best qualities, including—what I was most interested in—their affordability. I was delightfully surprised to find that their flavor is much more subtle than onions. The aroma that filled my house was not the choking, let's open the window type of smell, as is often the case with onions, but was actually quite pleasant. Their flavor is the same way.

Want tips on how to clean leeks from Apartment Therapy?
What about David's potato-leek soup recipe that got me hooked? To cut down on the cost even more, forgo the white pepper unless you already have it, and just use black.

Even if you don't want to try a soup recipe—after all, summer is nearing, which means soup season is saying goodbye—I would still recommend following the above recipe link for great tips on preparing leeks. It's a fantastic introduction to this delightful vegetable. And seriously, leeks not only taste good, but are so beautiful. It was really fun and very aesthetically pleasing to prepare.


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