Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DIY fitted crib sheet for Alma Mini crib

This week my mom and I worked on making a plethora of things for the arrival of my baby. We don't know the sex of this little one, so I wanted something neutral for the bedding. Added to this desire was the fact that the baby will be sharing a room with me and my husband, so unfortunately, coming up with a complete nursery scheme would not do.

I felt a little guilty leaving JoAnn Fabrics with a bundle of mostly blue fabrics, but I just couldn't say no to them. I also thought they would look great with the orange walls and gray crib. My final selection? Blue gingham, flannel pinstripe, and Peter Rabbit fabric—which I also purchased in brown because I loved it so much. Actually, I'm not quite sure if it's actually Peter Rabbit, but it is definitely little bunnies in little clothes, so I'm going with it.

My mom surging the edges before I put the elastic around the bottom.

To make the sheets for the crib mattress, we started with the gingham, so that we could count squares in order to have the placement right. We ended up with a piece of fabric that was 29" x 46". After placing it on the mattress wrong side up, we pinned the corners.

After pinning the corners, my mom sewed a straight seam along the pins. We then cut the excess fabric off, leaving 1/4' of fabric after the seams. You can then surge the edges if you like. After that, it was my turn to sew on the elastic. We cut a 60" piece and then pinned it in alternating places. The first pin goes at the 9" mark, then 21" after the first pin, then 9", then 21" inches. Following still? You then match the pins on the elastic with the corners of the sheets, and stretch as you sew. This ensures that you use your elastic evenly around the edge of the sheet.

Here you can see the crib in all it's loveliness. In case you can't tell, I put the blue Peter Rabbit sheets on first. Our crib is the BloomBaby Alma Urban Folding Crib from Modern Nursery. I can't wait to snuggle our new little baby in there! If you buy this crib, you can just follow our pattern for making your own delightful sheets, or you can modify my vague instructions (sorry!) and still make your own!

...And thanks Mom and Dad S for the amazing crib. Can't wait until you get to see it!


  1. Ohhh so sweet of your mom to help! The crib is beautiful. It is great that you are waiting for the baby to be born before you know if its a girl or a boy....Very happy for you!

  2. Thanks again for the link! Such a great idea, and so nice to see an Alma all set up!