Thursday, September 9, 2010

Olive Green Moby Wrap

When Seb was first born I felt completely tied to our couch. He wanted to be held all the time and hated to sleep by himself. This meant that all of my household work was never done, making me feel slightly insane. The makeup never got put on, the PJ's were hardly ever put away and exchanged for daytime clothing, and the dishes were forming their very own Mt. Everest on our counter top.  That is when, in desperation, I called my friend to ask her if she would please buy me a Moby, as a 30 min. drive to the nearest Target was not going to be anywhere in my near future. I had in mind to perhaps get an oatmeal color or gray—always my favorite choice. To my dismay, she called saying all they had was black or olive green. With an enormous lack of enthusiasm at my limited color options, I told her to get the olive green, trying my best simply to be thankful that I was finally going to be able to peel myself off that place on the couch where I was making a permanent indention, and regain some sense of normalcy.

All this to say, I've heard that olive green is one of Fall's top color trends. (Ha!) Suddenly, amidst my more than lacking wardrobe, filled with too big maternity clohes, and too small pre-baby clothes, I feel ever so slightly... dare I say, trendy? I laugh a little bit inside every time I put my Moby on. "Look here, little Seb Seb! You have one stylish Mommy."


  1. That Moby is so cute! Where did you get it? I am considering buying something like it for the baby girl I sit for. I hate having to lug out the stroller just to walk ten blocks, but her mom only has one of those giant baby backpacks.

  2. You are a very stylish mommy...I love that photo:)