Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY | Fabric Wrapping

I loved this post on Simple Mom about eco-friendly gift wrapping options. I must admit that I pride myself a bit on spending absolutely no money on wrapping items and still making a gift look lovely. It's quite fun. My method is generally the "reuse" one, but I would love to try Furoshiki. Have you heard of it? The great thing about it is people generally don't throw fabric away, so the recipient might just reuse it, too! You never know how far it could travel. This simple mom blogger has several great ideas to share in addition to these. I also love the little story she tells of her dad, raised by parents of the Great Depression, who always painstakingly unwraps gifts in order to preserve the paper and ribbons. Why don't we do that? I'd love to hear about your creative wrapping endeavors!

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  1. That IS a very cute idea-- cloth just feels nicer than paper. I love how a creative wrapping job enhances the value of a gift. It's something to appreciate rather than something to tear up and throw away.

    People usually save ribbon, so I like using a plainer paper to wrap, but dressing it up with a beautiful ribbon. And creative gift tags make presents special too-- this year I'm going to print out some vintage woodcuts (like you see on Trader Joe's bags) and use them as tags. :)