Friday, January 21, 2011

Fitness | Anti-gravity Yoga

I would die.

What do you like to do to keep fit and healthy? I've been going on workout dates with a couple friends for the past 2 weeks, and it feels positively amazing to get back into a workout routine after... 8 months... embarrassing. When I go to the sports complex I like the elliptical and then I do some weights and crunches. At home I love to pop this DVD in—the ab workout is phenomenal.

It's been especially wonderful to have some time to release a little tension because teething has been making my little babe a total cranky pants. The poor little guy. I think he's getting 2 at the same time. I guess time will tell, and I hope it tells very soon.


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  1. Er, figuring that out right now. I'm just going sit-ups, push-ups and walking at this point. My sleep schedule is still off, so even the thought of running is exhausting!