Friday, January 14, 2011

Style | I need a haircut

I dread this time that comes about every 3 months. Like many, I can never get quite the right style. Bangs? No bangs. Layers? Well, how many and what length? Sometimes I want to do this:

But then I remember that I think i would look like a boy, and decide to do this:

And probably what I'll actually do is go to my usual stylist and say, freshen up the layers and cut off the dead ends, please. Lately, however, I have been fantasizing about going to this amazing stylist that my sister went to last month. She is apparently a dream at just knowing what style would look best on you. My sister said, "I like to wear my hair naturally curly and in big barrel curls. Do what you think would look best." And what was the result? According to my sister, the best haircut she's ever received. Secretly, I fantasize that I would go and she would say, "Oh my! You should have a pixie cut!

Do you have a hairstylist like that? I often wish I could rock a simple style like this:


Basically, I have hair schizophrenia.


  1. I do too! I keep going shorter and shorter since college! Right now, I have what's halfway between a pixie and a bob -- a twentys-ish look with swoop bangs that I love. I had to talk to my hairdresser for about fifteen minutes before we decided on this.

    Hope you find something that works! And don't be afraid to do something drastic, like put yourself in the hands of somebody you've heard is capable and let them have their way with your hair. And even if you don't love it ... it's just hair, after all, and it'll come back.

  2. Wendy! You've GOT to post pictures of this new do! It's sounds so cute. Thanks for your advice!