Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

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If I weren't already convinced that I should be using cloth diapers, these posts would change my mind in a jiffy. I'm so thankful for all of the research so many moms do, and the resources they provide to help new moms and dads cloth diaper with ease.

Are Disposable Diapers Really That Bad?
Why Choose Cloth Diapers: Health Reasons

I hope you take the time to read these, and that you find them to be helpful and inspiring, as I did! If you are curious about cloth diapering, I'd love to help answer any questions you may have. I'm new to it, but have really enjoyed it, and love talking with other moms/moms-to-be about this alternative to disposables.

P.S. Watch for a post coming soon about wool diaper covers/soakers. I'm so excited to share this alternative to plastic covers with you!

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