Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Fashion & Food (On Saturday)

So... oops! Didn't meet my goal of posting an insightful and tantalizing (wishful thinking?) fashion and food post on Friday. Oh well. My mom and my brother's girlfriend came into town, giving me the opportunity to take an extended nap/enjoy the pure bliss of my down comforter. We also had about 10 college guys come over for dinner, went to a faculty trumpet recital/jazz performance, and then capped off the night with some bowling alley drinks and fun times. Did you know that an Amaretto Sour tastes like a liquid sweet tart? Cody finished it for me so that I wouldn't go into sugar shock and I finished his beer. It was a great trade-off.

And now that I've made my excuses, onto the real purpose of this post. The fashion part is clearly displayed above. Can you tell that I'm really into rouge colors? Naturally, it's a hue that doesn't look great on me, but I can't help but appreciate it nonetheless. I'm also really enjoying the look of skinny jeans with wedges, flat boots, and wedge boots. I can't get enough! I'm excited to make a wedge purchase to go with this dress for the summer weddings that we're attending. One last thing: make a basket your purse.

And the food. I love this part. I made these German pancakes (can you tell I'm obsessed with SK?) on Friday night and they were absolutely delightful, and a cinch to make. A couple warnings if you decide to make these—a baking endeavor, which I highly recommend.

1. Don't over-bake. This is easily done because, at least for me, they didn't get as brown as I thought they would on top. I think it's probably best to watch for when they start to peel away from the side of the pan. Or, don't be afraid to use a toothpick.
2. Don't use fresh lemon unless you like lemon bars, or other lemony desserts. I generally don't, so thankfully I just tried a little piece with lemon. The rest I ate with butter and powdered sugar only.

3. Make sure you butter the pans well. I thought I used enough, but they pancakes didn't slide out like they should.

I hope you enjoy both this tasty treat/dessert/breakfast and the fashion inspiration above. Have a delightful weekend!

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