Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life as we know it.

They make my life awesome. This is what I came home to last night after my workout.
I have opened this little blog post box many times this week, with the intention of blogging about a cute valentine diy or food or e-card, the plans that I have had for meals, the cute pictures of "fat man!"—a new nickname that husband feels is not quite suitable for our slender baby—making it, in my mind, perfect, and all the little in-between-random thoughts that come to mind. So here I am at 10 'til 2 starting a post, that I will finish, even if it takes me all day. Prepare for a hectic conglomeration of everything that I've been storing up the for the past few days.

First on the table, I would like to go to India. I would soak up the exotic food, collect textiles to my hearts content (priority #1) and peruse the colorful markets each day.
How much is too much to spend on swimwear? As I mentioned on Friday, I've been trying to find a swimsuit, but am completely frustrated by the lack of cute suits of semi-good quality that are less then $100. Old Navy has awesome prices, but lets face it, I need something that is going to have a little support, and last for the next 5 years, since that's about how long I go between swimwear purchases.  Any suggestions of where to shop?

Also, coolest photo series I've ever seen. I like the 3 girls dressed in grass skirts. [via]

Valentine's Day was so much fun. Seb and I went to the grocery together. I shopped for special treats for Cody (and ingredients for dinner!), while Seb bummed in the Moby, sucked on his pacifier and people watched—always a good time.

Dinner was... memorable. In a good way! (Sorry for those of you who don't get the reference) On the menu was fresh asparagus sauteed in olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning, potato pancakes, summer sausage, pumpernickel bread, and cranberry lemon scones, which turned into raspberry lemon scones because I couldn't find any fresh or frozen cranberries. First, I would like to say that these potato pancakes were just as good as any I've had in German restaurants, and second, I would like to say, do not attempt these without a food processor. They are the easiest things in the world to make if you don't have to slave for 40 minutes over a box grater. And now, proof of our feast.

Alright, I'm getting tired. I think that's enough for this post. Watch for some "fat man!" pictures coming soon! ...A quarter 'til 4. Not bad.

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  1. I love that picture of your guys- so cute, Mary.

    I bought my suit from lands' end and I believe it was under $100-- also, super cute and it will definitely last you, as well as being forgiving. ;)

    Good luck!