Monday, February 28, 2011

Livia Firth's Dress & The King's Speech

I simply love the concept behind Livia's dress. If you haven't heard, it was made out of 11 thrifted, vintage dresses from the time period of The King's Speech. The dress was designed by Gary Harvey, and is simple, but has exquisite detail. The one thing I don't like about it, is that it really looks like a wedding dress. But it is the Oscars, so I guess that fact is not so shocking. Her hair is so perfect for her face, and the dress, too. Exquisite.

Last night, Cody and I went on a double date with the cutest couple in the world to actually see The King's Speech. I am in love with that movie. It was so inspiring, marvelously acted and filmed, and completely witty and hilarious. For these reasons I am so excited that it brought home 4 Oscars last night for Best Director, Actor, Picture, and Original Screenplay. Of course, you probably already knew that...

Oh, and the wallpaper in Lionel Logue's house was amazing. I've wanted to wallpaper in my house for the longest time, and those rooms in the movie only cemented my determination to have at least one papered room some day.

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