Saturday, March 5, 2011

Italian Cruise—Part I

My sister is going on Italian Cruise this summer and I don't know if you've done much European traveling, but it's tricky knowing what to take along. Her situation is particulary so because a) It's a cruise, b) She is going to be working as a trip leader c) The age range is going to be significantly older than her and d) As with all cross-ocean flights and travel, you want to pack light, and lastly e) She will have to have some dress clothes for a few different occasions. This series is going to be my collection of suggestions for her to consider. I'm already having way to much fun with this... hope they're helpful, B!


  1. I especially like the yellow skirt and the blue top. Also, I have to ask, what font did you use? It looks exactly, and I mean exactly like a font I have titled the King and Queen font.

  2. anna! i actually have no idea. i made this on and they don't tell you what the font is called when you select it. i loved this one, though. see you soon!

  3. actually, i just looked, and they do say. good eye! it is the king and queen font! :)