Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Paris on the Prairie"

a.k.a. Chicago.

We traveled there this weekend, stopped in Indiana to visit some amazing friends and their 3 adorable children, and had a fabulous time. Seb was a perfect angel, hardly complaining when he went two days with only brief 30 minute naps. He was such a trooper.

We arrived in Chicago late Friday night, so not much happened besides reuniting with our long lost housemates, and devouring a bag of lime chips.

Saturday brought with it waffles made with pancake mix (delicious), a trip to The Field Museum to see their special exhibit on The Horse, and back to the place we were staying for a little rest for Sebastian and lunch for all.  Outing number two consisted of a little shopping at Zara, and Starbucks.

With Sue. Cody is hoping to inspire a love of dinosaurs in our young son. 

Our friend's sister (whom we stayed with) offered to watch Sebastian that evening, so the four of us walked to a fabulous little Italian restaurant called Scoozi. The food was incredible, bread with the most incredible olive oil, caprese and risotto were on my list and they did not disappoint. After that we took a taxi to the Hancock Building, and were delighted to be seated at a cozy little table right next to the window—on the 96th floor! We spent the rest of the evening trying to find the places we had been earlier in the day and enjoyed some delcious Tiramisu and chocolate port. I was stunned by how delicious it was. Port is now on my list of favorites.

Have you traveled anywhere recently? Trips like this don't happen very often for us, but it was memorable and so fun to experience a little bit of the city with a couple of dear friends. We miss you guys!


  1. Port is also on my list of favorites. My mother-in-law loves it, so we enjoy it after many family dinners.

    Chicago is definitely my favorite of America's major cities. I could spend days in the Art Institute, and every church is an architectural masterpiece. So glad you were able to enjoy it!

  2. Babs & I fell in love with Warre's. Warre's Warrior is a bit strong, but overall great producers of port.

    Looks like you guys had a lovely family vacation!

  3. thanks for the port recommendation, lindsay!

  4. Oh let's go back!!!! We need more of you!!!