Monday, March 7, 2011

Wool Diaper Covers

I have yet to use any wool diaper covers/soakers with Seb, but am happy to announce that I just ordered my first one! Cloth diapers are so much easier on a baby's bum, especially when your baby sleeps for about 12 hours at night. With that kind of a stretch in one diaper, covers with waterproof/plastic lining just don't cut it. I have been wanting to get a wool cover for a very long time, but have been waiting until we could fit it into our budget. However, after my son's check-up today when his doctor said, "he has a little diaper rash," I decided that I was finally going to do something about it. I figured this was a good use of that "splurge money" I have been accumulating for a while. :) I went with the Disana Wool Diaper Cover. Isn't it cute? They also have some great color options, but I stuck with the natural. Also, here is a great review for the Disana and tips on lanolizing.

Some other diaper covers that I considered and would still like to try:
Etsy shop Turn a New Leaf Designs
Wool Shortie—I was going to get a pair of these, but they didn't have the right size.
Snap on Diaper cover—If you try this or another snap on design, please let me know what you think! With prefolds, I think the snap on design would work extremely well.

Next purchase: Eucalan Woolwash 
Wish me luck! I hope to update you all on how it goes and give you a review of the Disana Wool Cover once I get a chance to try it on my baby. Have you used wool diaper covers? I would love to know what you've tried and how you like them! [Other cloth diaper posts, here]

Guide to wool care

Also, this isn't a diaper cover, but probably the coziest wool thing you could get for your baby!

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