Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wool obsession

That's right. I'm totally hooked on wool diaper covers and I only have one so far! Actually, I'm hooked on cloth diapering in general and actually told my husband tonight that I was probably going to cry when we finished cloth diapering our last baby... but that's a different matter. Right now I want to talk about wool covers/soakers.

Until now, I've exclusively used Thirsties PUL covers. They have worked great, but this type of cover doesn't breathe very well. Seb was getting such a red little tush during the night that we bought a wool cover for nighttime wear. I'm happy to say that I am more than pleased with this cover. It is so cozy, helps regulate temperature well and we have had no leaks, even after 10+ hours of wear. And did I mention that it doesn't smell at all? The problem is, I want more. Haha! So basically I wasn't too disappointed when I realized that our current Thirsties covers are getting too small.

All that to say I just bought a wool cover for daytime wear. It's a pair of Underwoolies from Sustainable Babyish. They are apparently new, which is why there are no reviews yet, but I was able to scrounge up some information through their Facebook page and e-mailing the company. Sustainable Babyish sent me this great link so I could see how the diaper fit on a baby around Seb's size. He is exactly between sizes right now, so I sized up and think it will still work well.

If you're interested in cloth diapers, here's a little run-down on types.

And if you're still reading and are not a mom yet, here's something for you. It would be so great to have for picnics in the park this Summer.


  1. Seriously, I'm just going to bookmark all these posts and save them for when I have babies! Great information! :)

  2. Hey! So I cloth diaper with gDiapers and LOVE them. I thought I understood the world of cloth, but now I am confused. Can you explain what exactly you put under this wool diaper cover? A liner and rubber bloomers?

    I have always admired these wool diaper covers, but saw them more as a fashion piece than daily diaper wear. I would love your insight.

  3. first off, I like my two worlds colliding with Shannon and Mary knowing each other :).

    also, I'm awarding you a Stylish Blogger Award over on my blog, you stylish mama! :)

  4. Shannon! That's great! I've heard really good things about gDiapers, plus they are so stinkin' cute! We use prefolds ( alone under our wool covers. Crazy, right? Well, the deal with wool covers is that when lanolized ( covers become waterproof, at least to an extent. Wool can absorb up to 1/3 of their weight in liquid before feeling wet to the touch. This means that you can enjoy the benefit and comfort of breathable and temperature regulating fabric without leaks. It's really marvelous. Wool is also naturally antimicrobial. We have used our wool nighttime cover for almost 2 weeks now without washing it (just air it out between uses) and it doesn't smell at all. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    Best, Mary

  5. Anna, you're so sweet. :) Thank you!