Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Bub | Happy 1st Birthday, dear son.

Just one year ago we saw our little man's face for the first time. Holding him was surreal, to say the least. Looking at his strangely unfamiliar face, I thought his cheeks were plump and adorable. Such round little tufts of chub! Just moments before, I didn't know anything about him, and suddenly, I had a baby boy, with a little nose, skinny little legs and arms and the loudest, sweetest cry.

We named him Sebastian, and I love him more every day.

And oh that cry... It kept me up into and throughout the wee hours of the morning more times than I can count. Yet when I did get a few hours of uninterrupted rest, I would wake up and strain to hear him breathing in his crib. Being a new mom is a strange and often painful thing, but I wouldn't trade my little man for anything. He is perfect, and I can't imagine a better job.

So dear Sebastian, here's to eating blueberries, chasing each other from end to end of our apartment, learning to walk, reading stories, and snuggling a little each and every day. Mama loves you.

P.S. Seb's cheeks are still chubby. Cody thinks we should call him "cheek factory." I'm in hearty agreement.

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