Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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After planting my little garden—if two pots can be categorized as a garden...—I can't stop being enamored with fresh things. I would love to have a raised bed filled with a plethora of different greens.

P.S. We are officially moved! But it's just too boring of a topic to dwell on for long. So I will just briefly share one thing that has been essential for a smooth transition, and one thing that has been our greatest challenge. 
First, have a packing system. This one has worked beautifully for us. When I realized that I actually couldn’t live without my coffee maker, it took me all of 60 seconds to locate the box, rip it open, and start brewing. 
Second, Pare down. I have been challenged through this move to recognize the things we live with that we really don’t need. I’ve hated the feeling of wanting to get rid of something, and then turning and putting it in a box anyway. Since I know we did this far too much, we plan to go through several of our boxes with a more critical eye.

Oh, and I love this organization system that Kaite found. I'll have to use it for our second move. I feel like it could be adapted to any number of things. I have a few boxes I categorize as "craptastic." Maybe this would help. How oh how do you avoid just throwing random things into those last few boxes??!

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