Sunday, June 5, 2011

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After a day of amazing worship, lunch and rug shopping on the front porch, golden oreos, packing, and cleaning, I potted basil and tomato plants while Cody ate his dinner. I bought them at our greenhouse a couple days ago, but hadn't yet had the chance to properly tend to them. I am so excited for them to get huge and bushy with lots of goodies for me to eat!

Tell me, did you plant anything this Spring?

As you can see, I have more pots and more plants, but the sizes don't coincide. I need to find some little plants to pot. I have my eye on a lovely variegated pothos. I have two (one that I'm kind of in love), but this other kind is mostly white with just a little green. I might just need to get it so as to complete my collection...

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