Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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I don't know why, but babies are obsessed with paper. 

Sebastian loves to rip and eat it (of course), and will sit for 5 minutes thumbing the pages of a book. When he was an infant, I wanted so bad to give him an old J.Crew catalog and let him "go to town." Of course, I didn't, because I knew that the rumpled pages would go straight into his mouth. That is when I remembered that one of my friends gave me a book by the company Indestructibles. I went searching amongst our shelves of children's books and found it, and let me tell you, I had one happy baby.

The idea behind Indestructibles is that they are made to allow your baby to safely explore books. Babies learn by tasting, and touching and crumpling, and Indestructibles allows them to do this, without harming the actual book. They are made with a rip and water resistant material, so no mommy supervision needed! 

If you have a baby,  this book falls in the same category as diapers and burp cloths. It's probably not something you want to do without.


P.S. Handy moments to introduce reading

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