Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food | Baked donuts

I made these a few days ago after I found them on a friend’s Pinterest board. I mean, I love donuts! And donuts that aren’t deep fried sound like a great idea. 
They were so good
I puzzled for days, however, over what they tasted like! I really didn’t think they tasted like donuts, but I couldn’t think of anything else they tasted more like, until Cody hit upon it. They are like coffee cake bites! No wonder I just wanted some coffee every time I ate one.

I highly recommend making these. They were extremely simple to make, and absolutely delicious to eat. They plump while they bake, so you have to pull them apart to eat. Can't think of anything better, really. Great for company or picnics. :)
Happy baking!


  1. Did you use butter flavored shortening?? They look amaaazzzzing.

  2. yes i did. i probably would have used regular, but i didn't have any shortening at all. i would be curious about a subsitute... regardless, you should try them! they are so easy and quick to make. i whipped them up during one of seb's naps.

  3. aren't those amazing??? Rice Krispies - who would have thought?

  4. i know! they are so delightfully crispy and chewy at the same time! thanks for finding and sharing!