Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seb | What he’s been up to

This beautiful little man is a trooper. Despite the cold he came down with just days before we left Michigan (and passed on to us!), he did wonderfully during our long trip to North Carolina and throughout our first weeks, even managing to help us with various tasks! Despite how well he’s done, it’s been hard on him. In addition to his cold, he’s teething pretty badly—several swollen spots where his molars are coming in. Walks have been scarce, and carseat time has been frequent due to our many exploration/shopping trips. It breaks my heart when I think of how joyful he has been despite the challenges of these weeks. I think the highlight of his days right now is getting his teeth brushed at night.
Pointing is his favorite. He’s always trying to show us something cool that he’s noticed.
He’s been spending lots of time with Dada. It’s going to be hard on him when Cody starts school. He's also getting really good at understanding to "give it to dada!" It's impossibly adorable when he toddles down the hallway with a block to find Cody.
Which brings me to the next thing... He’s walking everywhere! It’s so fun to watch him waddle about the house and carry his tennis balls around. We just bought him some new soft soled shoes for wearing around inside. Do you know of any cute, but sturdy enough toddler shoes? I know Bobux has some good ones. Traditional baby shoe soles are just so stiff and clunky, and the poor little guy can barely take a step without tripping.
Newest talent? Talking on the phone! Just a few days ago the three of us were in the living room, when we looked over at Seb and realized that he was chatting away with someone on the “phone.” It was actually the tv remote, but he was holding it to his ear, pacing the room, and just jabbering away to his imaginary friend on the other end! It was quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
Grrrraaarrrrr... Yes, he’s a growler! The skies turn blue when you growl at him, and you get extra points if you flail your arms in the air and scream when he growls at you. Just yesterday he almost passed out from laughing so hard. Man I love this little guy.


  1. Mary I miss you guys so much!!! Phone call soon?

  2. Adorable. I'm so glad you have internet again.