Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Textile | Beldi

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I rarely talk about textiles and basketry, but I really don't know why. My three favorite ways of decorating our home are through textiles, basketry and plants. All of which I have far too little of, but that doesn't really matter. I collect them when I can, and I think they my love of these things still shines through in our home. Recently we were at Whole Foods and I spotted this marvelous blue and orange basket that was woven to look slouchy. I dreamed of it for weeks, and still plan to spend a little bit of my splurge money on such a purchase as soon as I am able.

Yesterday I was checking out the latest posts on Bliss Blog and just about drooled all over my keyboard when I saw the images she shared from the shop, Beldi. I hope you like them, too.

Currently I'm keeping a weather-eye open for some used basket laundry hampers. My wallet doesn't like the ones I've found at retail stores. Any suggestions?

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