Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Today was very rainy, so Seb and I had to stay in all day, watch movies, snuggle, eat a lot, read oodles of books, and generally try to see how messy we could make the apartment.

We made it terribly messy.

Sometimes it's good to spend evenings cleaning, though. I most definitely didn't get to all the little piles and messes around our apartment, but was able to get most of the basics accomplished, and tackle a few heaps of what-have-you that had become so much a part of the general "decor" that I had forgotten they were there. Like that lonely load of laundry I somehow pushed to the side of our bedroom, unfolded, and left for oh... like 3 weeks. Another thing I did was hang a picture in our dining nook! I usually don't attempt this type of task without Cody, but school is consuming his life right now, and I wasn't about to dismiss the urge to decorate.

Aside from accomplishing a better state of cleanliness, I consider it an even bigger accomplishment that I was able to stifle my urge to create, which has lately been channeled exclusively towards the kitchen. It's been all kinds of bad (read: sugar, white bread, fat, cheese) lately. I should really start thinking about making things that I can't eat, haha.

Can you believe it's just one week until Thanksgiving? I'm all kinds of excited.

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