Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pregnant | A little humor for you

I was perusing a few posts from the blog Smallest Things, and happened upon this lovely lady's flikr stream of bump photos. Not only are they terribly cute, but underneath her "overcooked" 41 week photo, she attached this quote:

"I dream about the birth: I am lying on a sexy, pink satin quilted four-poster bed reading a magazine full of photos of gorgeous clothes I could afford that would look quite nice on me when a man in a leopard-skin suit comes past with a cocktail trolley on wheels full of excellent cakes, bottles of attractively coloured alcohol, an icebucket and some syringes. 'Martini?' he inquires politely. 'Or perhaps an epidural?' Just at that moment a perfectly charming baby pops out of me. 'Ow,' I remark, absent-mindedly. 'Why thank you, I'll take a gin and lime. And a small colostrum for my new young friend.'"
Extract from "The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth", by Kaz Cooke.
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