Friday, December 30, 2011

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Cody is enjoying the added warmth from the Ergo Baby.

The fam on one of the prettiest corners.

Drinking a caramel macchiato from the original Starbucks!

We went back to Pike Place Market today, so I snapped a few shots. Unfortunately my camera battery died, which almost never happens. Oh today of all days...

Although I can't claim to have seen much of Seattle, I think the market might be my favorite place. The Polish Pottery Place, the dried flower bouquet stand that stretches on forever, a shop with Pacific Northwest Native American Art, and of course, fisherman sweaters, seagulls flying overhead, and the spectacular ocean view, are just a few of my favorite things. I love the atmosphere of the market, and the jokes workers at the produce stand throw around. Q. How much does a pirate pay for an ear of corn?*

I am most certainly enjoying the mix of art, sea-life, bluegrass, temperate weather, and mountain terrain that Seattle offers. Have you visited? Where are you vacationing next?

*A. A buccaneer!

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