Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seb | Just another day in Paradise: Marshmallow Eating & Rain Watching

There has been a light, constant drizzle this afternoon, but just a few minutes ago, it turned into a heavy rain. Seb had been sitting on the couch, but as soon as he heard the sound coming through the screen, he jumped up, spilled all his marshmallows, and hurried to the sliding door. I gathered the marshmallows (10 second rule) and put them back in his bowl, and let him sit down in front of the door so he could watch the rain. It was such a sweet sight. He quietly sat there, dumped his marshmallows out again (this time on purpose), and munched away. 

I didn't think I would like facing a parking lot, but it's turned out to be so nice. There is always something going on, people coming and going, car alarms going off, and garbage trucks coming to empty the dumpsters. It's a toddler boy's paradise.

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