Monday, January 9, 2012

Home again

Being home again has been quite the adjustment, but a nice one. After a month of traveling, during which we hit Ohio, Washington, and Kentucky, it's so nice to be in one spot. We filled our fridge with loads of fresh produce, yogurt and milk, and have been slowly unpacking. Of course, there's been lots of time for lounging about and playing. I hope you all are well and enjoying a little relaxation from the hectic, and wonderful, Christmas season.

Thanks, Mom and Daddy for Seb's new chair!


  1. That little chair is so cute. I love coming home after a long trip -- nothing seems better than sleeping in your own bed and cooking for yourself in your own kitchen.

  2. We have the exact same chair in the attic, waiting for Ron's birthday. I agree with coming home- there's no feeling quite like it. And yes, Dawn, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a trip!

  3. oh kate, ron is going to love it! the thing that is great about this chair is that it's low to the ground so it's easy for little ones to climb in and out of, but it's so big that they'll be using it for years! we also bought an adult size one for me since i didn't have a good nursing chair. and let's face it, we mothers spend a lot of time in our nursing chairs!

    dawn, you're so right about the bed thing. it was so nice to sink into my cozy bed last night!