Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnant | American Apparel?

This post is a result of a thought I had last week about maternity clothes: "All I really need right now is a pack of men's undershirts that are cheap and I can wear to the playground. Surely someone makes a basic, cheap, comfy-casual tee for pregnant women!"

I then remembered the only two sorority tees that I kept and still wear, and both are from American Apparel. I keep going back to them every summer for their incredible fit, length, and their casual but flattering look. Today I am a day short of being 24 weeks pregnant and am wearing one of those tees, which happens to be a whole 2 sizes smaller than my normal size. It still covers my stomach, and although it is a little snug, it's still comfortable and works well in spite of my expanding waistline.

So maybe I've been looking in the wrong place for great basic maternity clothes? Gap has some cute things, but let me tell you, absolutely none of my Gap tees took me to the end of my pregnancy. They are just too short. Why invest in something that you can only wear for a few weeks or months, and not to mention are overpriced and get holes and what-have-you. I want longevity with my maternity clothes.

Here are my two reasons to try American Apparel: 1) You don't get the, "Hey, look at the ruching at my waistline. I'm so pregnant" look, and 2) They are going to help me transition into my postpartum days just beautifully. Who wants to wear maternity clothes after they have a baby? I know I felt sloppy for at least 4 months after having Seb.

In case you still have doubts as to the suitability of American Apparel for your maternity wear, check out this lady's series. American Apparel took her through her entire pregnancy, wearing these shorts at 35 weeks. I am impressed.

Also, in case you are lamenting that the HATCH Collection is so pricey, try these pieces instead: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

So who wants to go to Charlotte with me for some American Apparel action?



  1. I had such a difficult time finding maternity clothes around here too! I finally found some comfortable and somewhat presentable t-shirts from the maternity section at Target in my last trimester. Those from American Apparel looks fabulous! I'm up for a trip to Charlotte with you!

  2. thanks for posting this Mary! I am having daily emotional breakdowns over the fact that I have nothing to wear. I actually walked around target looking for mens undershirts today so I could have a basic baggy tee....

    1. aw kris, i'm sorry! i certainly know where you're coming from. but you will feel normal again, i promise! : ) a couple of my favorite tees from american apparel are 1) http://store.americanapparel.net/6301.html (i think this is the one i have in an XS, two sizes smaller than my normal size, just as a reference point for you—check the size chart just to make sure that's accurate, though:) and 2) http://store.americanapparel.net/tr301.html (i have this a size small)

      i hope you find the perfect thing! i love these two shirts b/c they feel kind of like you're wearing a man's tee, but have more of a flattering shape, that makes you feel feminine still.

  3. This is brilliant, Mary. I was wearing the heather blue Greek Week shirt that you designed until just a couple of weeks ago. I love those shirts.