Friday, March 23, 2012

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This morning marked the start of our lull between family visitors. I tried to keep the day normal with lots of time outside so that the transition would be as easy as possible for Seb. Did you know that little ones go through a little rough patch immediately following traveling or having visitors? I certainly didn't until I got this little man, and was given the heads up about it by my very wise mother-in-law. Seb tends to be very clingy and a little out of sorts after visits. My brother and future sister-in-law left only this morning, so I suspect tomorrow might be a little worse for Sebastian than today. It's alright, though; we're pros! It certainly doesn't hurt when Cody takes the late afternoon off and does a little roughhousing with Seb. After that, and our dinner of oatmeal, we went to the Duke Gardens and I soaked up the smells and took pictures while Cody and Seb played with his new ball.

The last picture is of nakey Seb sitting on my lap after his bath. It's one of his favorite rituals, and makes it very difficult for Cody to get him ready for bed... oh this sweet, real life.


  1. I really like the highchair Seb is using! Also his mustard woolies are adorable.

  2. thanks, kate! the highchair is the Anka and I love it. it's probably not the easiest to clean, and some of the finish has worn off a bit, but for the price + looks, it was totally worth it. i love that it blends in with the rest of our apartment and is so compact.