Monday, April 30, 2012

Home | Scenes from a Monday

Not pictured are Seb, wearing only what you see in these pictures + his loafers, and Cody taking the trash to the dumpster (likely the cutest thing they do together), and an evening jaunt around Duke Gardens where Seb skinned his nose, poor man, and tried repeatedly and without hesitation to walk straight into the water. In the meantime, this stomach of mine gets larger and larger. Are the midwives sure I'm not already full-term? It sure does feel like it...


  1. Hey Seb! Guess what? We have the same socks! I am SO EXCITED to be reunited with you in ONE WEEK! Also, tell your mom I loved her posts about her trip to Virginia. Except, she realized she also has that Dr. Sears book so now she's going to start reading it--crap!!!! ;)

    1. from seb: dude. joey. i have the sahweetest scratched up nose to show you. i hope it leaves a scar or something. see you soon, bro!