Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home | An evening with The Little Engine That Could

I had to laugh a little as I sat on the floor of our bedroom, my huge stomach filling my lap, meticulously taping Sebastian's favorite book back together. We often leave books and toys in Seb's crib for him to play with/look at while he falls asleep or after he wakes up. A few days ago, I peeked through the crack of his door to see if he had fallen asleep yet, and what did I find, but a peaceful little babe lying on his back, studying a single page intently, all the others littered about him. He didn't really mean to destroy it, and felt quite bad about it, the poor little guy. Since then, he's been begging me to read The Little Engine That Could to him, but it was so torn up, I couldn't have possibly known where to start. All is well now, though, since I finally bought some tape, and tomorrow we'll read it again (and again and again and again) and remember not to leave it in his crib. Perhaps we should invest in the board book version... I love my life.

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