Friday, May 25, 2012

Little One | Aden & Anais, and the one reason I wish I had an iPhone

I had my 36 week prenatal appointment at the birth center yesterday morning, which means that I also got to peek into the boutique and ooo and ahh over all the lovely goodies. Lately, they've had a huge Aden & Anais display right as you walk through the door, and I was seriously tempted to spend a chunk of birthday change on a blanket for the baby. Cody got me a single layer, organic one for Christmas last year, and it has been so wonderful to use for Sebastian. He always wants me to cover him up before he sleeps, but HELLO!, it's like 80 degrees in his room. With this super thin blanket, I can cover him without him getting too hot. So basically, I've always been in love with Aden & Anais, but I'm more convinced now that I have one of their products, that they're the best, and can't wait to get my hands on some more.  One of my favorite blankets is the Super Star Scout in blue, but I can't find any place to buy one individually online. The boutique has one, though! Shopping in the flesh is just so much better sometimes. 

So where does the bit about the iPhone come in? Well the display was so lovely, I just wanted to take a little snapshot of it, but one just doesn't lug around an SLR for jobs such as this. Quality photos need to be taken, but how fun is it to be able to document a moment in time, even if the quality isn't so great? Someday, perhaps, they'll make an "iCamera" just for me.

P.S. I got a lot off track... the main reason I wanted to post about Aden & Anais was to tell you that they carry crib sheets now! Liam the Brave is so sweet.


  1. LOOOOVE Aden & Anais! We have the bamboo swaddle set, and I get compliments on them everywhere. They are PERFECT and so so soft. We also have the towel/washcloth set. And those sheets! eep!

    1. ooo the patterns in the bamboo sets are SO beautiful!