Friday, August 24, 2012

Home | A week with Dada + The great TV removal

This week has been our one week of summer, at home, with Cody.

It has been so wonderful to just take each day as it comes, and let all of our unaccomplished goals roll off our backs at the end of the day, knowing that, for now, sitting with Seb and reading a bazillion books is more important than cleaning out the den. We have accomplished a few things though, the most noteworthy of which was rearranging our living room because we just couldn't stand it anymore. A part of that rearranging was moving the TV to our den—a temporary storage place—not an unknown role for the den, to be sure. This simple change has made an enormous difference in each of our days. I realized yesterday that I've been going to bed 3-4 hours earlier, Cody has been staying up 3-4 hours later reading, and Seb doesn't ask to watch a movie the. entire. day. hallelujah. If you feel like your TV is detracting from your home life or that your kids are watching it too much, just take it out of the equation. I promise you won't regret it. We plan to keep it, for now, because we do love watching the occasional movie. But having it in the other room just makes us evaluate how we really want to spend our evenings, and makes us work for that movie just a little bit more.

So much to be thankful for these days.

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  1. I am quite behind on your blog, but I wanted to say that we did not have a TV in the main part of our house. We only had it in the basement, so anytime we were in the living room, dining room, etc., we had to have conversations! Probably one of the best decisions my parents made. It is still so nice to wake up, get coffee and sit in the living room with my parents when I am home. Good for you guys! :)

    PS I miss you, your love of musicals, and your sweet boys.