Monday, August 6, 2012

Travel | Roadtrippin'

 Roadtrips mean a toddler that looks grumpy, but is actually super excited about his box,

which is actually a shoebox racetrack that will become lidless because said toddler is a "picker" and will pick everything to oblivion if left to his own devices.

It's okay. He loved it.

Roadtrips also mean frequent stops for a hungry baby who happens to look chunky and delicious after a nice big meal....

...and then makes mama super happy because of his contagious eye-crinkling smiles.

Then some roadtrips have stops for less pleasant things like car troubles, but then there will be that cute photo of husband and toddler while at Auto Zone that makes it all better.

While at Auto Zone, said toddler will practice "driving" and then mischievously try to reach for the gear shift. No worries, mama's on it.

We made it to Ohio after a long 10+ hours, but it was a good trip, and we kept our spirits up the whole time. Right now I'm enjoying Sleepless in Seattle and doing some sewing. I've got 3 new skirts in the works!!


  1. OhmywordTheLittleBruiserisdeliciouslyyummy!!!


  2. Bruno and Seb are so adorable! Glad your travels are going well!

  3. he's so chubby! how great is he!