Friday, September 14, 2012

Create | Felt Booties for Bruno

Inspired by my stellar neighbor M, I made some of these Purl Bee Felt Booties for Bruno. We should get a matchy pic of Mr. F and Bruno, no? What stylish babes they be.

My only complaint about this tutorial is, gosh, the elastic is so hard to put on. I hope to make improvements with the next pair. Oh yes, there will be a next pair. This is such a great pattern—perfect for someone who doesn't have a sewing machine—and they actually stay on, unlike many baby shoes. I also think they would be great made out of leather, or another fabric that doesn't unravel at the edges. For the bottom of this pair I used some old fabric that has a faux suede giraffe print on one side and is fleecy on the other side (the same fabric I used for Seb's booties).

Oooohh the cuteness!

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