Friday, September 21, 2012

Style | Because sometimes it's nice to make something pretty...

... and because it's late (and I've clearly lost the ability to realize how sleepy I am)... and because it's the weekend... and because I'm feeling a bit like I can wear normal clothes again (wahoo!)... and because my boys are just too darn cute... and because I'm insanely over the moon excited for our first ever family photos coming up in October.

Clearly I like the down-on-the-farm look. I like to stay close to my roots.

Cody: Shirt, jeans
Mary: Shirt, jeans, shoes
Sebastian: Sweater, Cords
Bruno: Sweater, pants


  1. Very important question: How did you make that precious collage/ what is the font? because I love it and want it all over my life/ cyber existence.

    Can't wait to see your family photos!

    1. i just used indesign for the collage, and here's the font:
      i'm pretty sure it's my all-time favorite. aren't you glad you can fill your life with it, too!?