Friday, November 16, 2012

Home | Still kickin' (but mostly just Bruno)

An update in bullet points because it would take me an hour to update you in narrative form:

1. A new arrangement in our apartment! we switched the play area with the dining area, and it makes all of us positively giddy. Seb has room to breathe and play, and we now have a cozy little dining nook.

2. Bruno is 5 months old this weekend. His skills include a nice cough-laugh, which he enjoys using when we're in situations where silence would be most appreciated, vigorous flailing and kicking, drooling, smiling, regular laughing, noting when his toys drop or become unreachable—followed by disgruntled crying—and being an unarguable mama's boy to the extreme. I love my fat man.

3. I bought some new sneakers for Sebastian yesterday, and I'm wondering how his feet got so big overnight... I also find myself talking to him like an adult, and what's more astounding—him responding like an adult! ex. Me from the bathroom, "Hey Seb? I'm going to be in the bathroom putting on my makeup if you need anything, K?" Seb, nonchalantly, "K!"

Call the police somebody stole my baby.

4. New chore chart for Seb. I'm pretty proud of my skillz with the crayons. This thing is going to be so nifty. It's framed (plastic not glass!), so he can cross things off daily with a dry erase marker. I think I should get brilliant mama points for this one. Also, any simple daily chore recommendations to add?

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