Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seb | My sugar cube goes potty

I told Cody this morning, after giving Seb yet another treat for peeing in the potty, that Seb was going to turn into a sugar cube. He so wisely responded with, "Yes, but a potty-trained sugar cube!"

I have such an astute husband.

I think that waiting to potty train until Seb was 2 1/2 was the best idea. We have been doing a mix of diapers and underwear, which I've heard a lot of people say is a bad idea, but at least for these first few weeks of training, I think it's worked to our advantage. It has allowed Seb to gradually get used to the idea of going potty, and not have to worry about it constantly. However, even when wearing a diaper, he's been telling us that he needs to go! I'm so proud of this little guy. This morning, thanks to Cody's diligence, we had a major breakthrough with Seb (I'll leave it to you to guess what that means...), so he got a big treat. Which meant that he got to open two of his Christmas presents! Cars underwear and a wooden fire truck.

Seb says, "Potty training is exhausting, guys."

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