Friday, January 25, 2013

Home | My boys this week

one | seb with a new book from noni
two | bruno had put himself to sleep in the car by gently shaking that rattle
three | seb waiting for daddy to bring the christmas tree outside
four | helping daddy carry the christmas tree to the car
five | bruno still isn't very steady on his bottom, but we're getting there!
six | mama and bruno doing what they do best: photo booth pictures!
seven | "what do you mean, 'that is the dirtiest place in the house?!'"
eight | showing off the cookie he got for having a very successful trip to the potty.

tomorrow will be another normal day, except for the fact that megan and i are going to try our best to finally make it to a spinning class together... i got a gym pass this week!!!

and in a completely unrelated vein, what do you think of these shoes? call me impressionable, but i love nearly every pair.

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