Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holiday | Traditions at Easter

^^Seb's first Easter^^

It's so hard for me to sift through ideas about traditions, and decide what I want to do with my family. It's nice to have Pinterest to help, but seriously, the number of hot cross bun recipes in the world is just a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, The Pioneer Woman has come to our rescue. She has a heavenly looking recipe for hot cross buns, a tradition I can get behind. (Okay, and these look like a good idea, too) Nothing brings a family together like food, and in the years to come I hope it will spark discussion around our table and contemplation of the death of Christ.

For Easter morning, make these resurrection rolls for a perfect visual of the resurrection story and a tasty treat. I hope to have Seb help make these.

Dyeing Easter eggs seems to be a tradition that must be kept, though the thought of figure out how to dye them is daunting to say the least. Nevertheless, it's a great opportunity to create something beautiful and experience the idea of renewal and life coming from something lifeless—the resurrection of Jesus. Honestly, I highly doubt we'll actually get around to dyeing eggs this year, but if you do, these natural dye recipes look good.

And lastly, I thought this post over at This Whole Family was inspiring. I love how their family is seeking to make Easter simple on the consumerism side of things, but a treasured time of creativity, excitement and joy. I can't help but be a little jealous that they get to have an Easter egg hunt in their garden! Marvelous.

What Easter traditions are important to you? What would you recommend doing with a toddler to bring the meaning of Easter to life? I would love your input!


  1. "but seriously, the number of hot cross bun recipes in the world is just a little overwhelming"

    thank you for saying this. my thoughts exactly. how many breakfast casseroles/stratas are out there!? haha!

  2. Thanks Mary! I'm trying to get a lamb tradition started (I like the idea), but instead of a roast, this year we've decided to join some friends and do lamb kebabs on the grill instead. I suppose I'd like a tradition of celebrating with friends more than I'd like to perfect a lamb roast. But hot cross buns would be fun for breakfast!

  3. I want the record to show that I made the Pioneer Woman's rolls last year because HCB are my FAVORITE THING EVER and they were pretty terrible. I am ready to blame myself though, if you have more success.

    1. noooo! that's just not right. i actually didn't eat any because i'm on a 3 week diet where i can't eat anything fun. but cody said he liked them better than cinnamon rolls! how this is possible i don't know, but now i'm dying to try one! i can't take the credit though, my friend ended up making them!

    2. p.s. do you have a HCB recipe that you DO love?