Thursday, March 7, 2013

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So many things! This week has been so full. Full of a cold gone rogue, a super-man like husband who makes calzones when his wifey is sick, eternally snotty-noses, silly sing-a-longs with my kiddos, bumped noses, chocolate to make it feel better, hopefulness and excitement about what this coming year holds, sleepless nights, tv catch-up with Cody, library outings, the "mall place" as Sebastian calls the play place at the mall, and cleaning, packing, grocery shopping, and readying of all kinds for our Spring break trip home this weekend.

Life is full and God is gracious. Shout out to the best husband ever who took a whole two days off of studying and classes to take care of our kids while I was sick to the core. Blessed blessed blessed.

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