Thursday, April 11, 2013

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I love warm weather—hot weather, even. But when it comes to wearing Bruno, chasing Seb, and somehow keeping the 3 of us from getting sunburned, afternoons in North Carolina can be a little challenging. I will never ceased to be amazed with the fact that it keeps getting warmer until 5 o'clock here! In Ohio, you can expect the temperature to reach it's peak between noon and 1 o'clock. I've probably been guilty of repeating this fact to my friends numerous times (sorry!), but I'm still not used to the difference. This isn't so fun on cold days, because when it's cold, it's going to be really cold in the morning. But when it's expected to be in the high 80's, mornings are sublime. My new goal is to take the boys out first thing in the morning, so that if it's just too hot, we can pick some indoor activities for the afternoon/evening hours. Today we took Cody to school at 9:00 a.m. and headed straight to Forest Hills Park, one of our favorites. I wore Bruno in the Ergo most of the time, but after a while he started getting antsy, so I let him out to do a little exploring on his own. I love watching his world expand as we get to introduce him to new things and finally let him participate in the activities Seb loves.

Speaking of Seb... he's in the, "You can take my picture if you can catch me!" phase of life, so in case you were feeling that I love Bruno more because there is more photographic evidence of his cuteness, rest assured that all is well with my big man Seb. Although it would be nice if he'd sit for a picture every now and again...

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