Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little one | Play idea

Sebastian is really into games right now. He discovered our board game stash hidden away in a vintage suitcase and he's never been the same. But how on earth do you play a board game with a 2-year-old? Last week Seb was particularly determined to play Sorry!, which I quickly discovered he had already played with daddy... he wanted to get a Sorry! card so badly that when he didn't draw one after a few tries he started saying, "Sorry!" and swiping my piece off the board and across the room. Obviously, toddlers don't feel the need to play by the rules, which got me to thinking... he really didn't need all the particular pieces and elements of the game, he just wanted a part of it. He wanted to play in a way that he could understand, and yet would feel special and new. Likewise, Cody quickly discovered that when he plays Chutes and Ladders with Seb, that the really fun part for him are the action parts, i.e. going up the ladders and down the chutes.

So when Seb and I played Sorry!, we took away the choking hazardous pieces (since Bruno was playing, too) and used the wooden rings from our Melissa and Doug rainbow stacker. It was more like air hockey than Sorry!, but is that a bad thing?

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