Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bruno | Visits and Bruno's baptism

Cody and I aren't very good at being on top of things sometimes. We snuck Bruno in on the last possible Sunday for him to be baptized at our church before our move. And on an unrelated but hilarious note, we're pretty sure that Sebastian thinks Brad is actually Jesus, since Jesus baptizes and wears a long robe, of course. It was a beautiful service and was even more special because my mom, and Bruno's Godfather, Jeff/Buck, were there! Thanks, Katie, for the pictures!

We are so thankful to raise this little one with the help and prayers of those in our church, and friends here and elsewhere. Buck gave Bruno his first bible and book of common prayer. Bruno seemed excited and surprised.

We are also overwhelmed with thankfulness to our parents, whom we got to spend over a week with (sadly, my dad couldn't come). They were such a blessing to us and helped carve out so much time for Cody to study and write papers that otherwise would not have been available to him. My mom let me sleep in until almost noon every day! As much as I'm still very much in denial that we're leaving Durham soon, I am very excited to spend a quality amount of time with our families. Mom, I promise I'll get up with my kids when we're at home. Okay okay, at least when we're living in the apartment...


  1. Bruno's face! And your dress is adorable!! Where did you get it?

    1. thanks! it's the madewell sweatshirt dress, and i absolutely love it. i'm having a hard time not wearing it for every special occasion!

  2. That's a beautiful picture of Bruno and your mom!