Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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These days we're consumed with packing, organizing, and keeping the children happy amidst it all. So until further notice, you might just be getting a heavy dose of unedited park pictures. We do love the park... Sebastian is killin' it on his bike these days and I often marvel at how quickly we can make it to the park. It wasn't very long ago that it would take us all of 45 minutes just to get there because Seb would stop all the time to comment on things, pick up sticks and pinecones and for a million other reasons that seem terribly important to a toddler. Now I think he loves the speed he can get on his bike, and the independence in riding it. Today it was raining, but we braved it anyway. Bruno wasn't able to explore the way he loves since it was so wet, but he had a good time eating his graham crackers.


  1. I love Bruno's blanket! Did you make it?

    1. bruno's blankie is the solid green/blue one, and the one with the squares of blue/green/mustard/cream was made by alice arnn. we love them.

    2. meant to say that cody's mom made bruno's blankie.