Monday, August 19, 2013

Future teacher

Cody is back, a fact which is making me more and more thankful for each day I have with him. The distance was difficult, but I know that I benefited greatly both personally, and in regards to our marriage during the last 7 weeks apart. I expected that God had some big lessons in store for me, and he sure did. I've been trying hard to live each of these days with Cody very purposefully, holding onto the things I've learned, and seeking to implement them into life with my husband, instead of falling back into the ease of bad habits. So I'm enjoying these days, but very carefully.

In addition, being together again has helped me see all things I love about Cody so much more clearly. This picture of him giving a bunch of kids a nature lesson captures just one of those things.  Isn't that kid in the navy tee a cutie??!

Welcome home, honey.

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