Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our boy Bruno

It has been a shamefully long time since I’ve written a little update on Bruno (ahh the plight of the second-born!). I mean, I didn’t even write a birthday post for his 1st birthday! However, long before the internet or blogs, mothers and fathers did exactly what we did. They celebrated their child’s birth with love and simplicity, and though they didn’t have an arena quite as big as the internet to share the day, their child’s successes, and in short, their love for their child, it didn’t make it any less real or special. So all that to say, it’s okay that I didn’t share with the internet world our dear Bruno’s birthday. However, for the sake of our family and friends, I do want to be somewhat diligent about sharing some things about our sweet Bruno and his 15 months of life so far!

This kid has quite the personality. He loves people and animals above all else, and not necessarily in that order. It can be an actual problem when he spots a dog on the street and he can’t go up to it. He will strain with every fiber of his being to just get to that animal! I bought him a Schleich dog that I found on sale a few weeks ago, and he literally just examined it and cooed over it for 20 minutes straight. And just forget about blending in when you’re on a train, or at church, or simply walking down the street. If there is a lady in the vicinity, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll be flashing those baby blues. We might have a very flirtatious Veterinarian on our hands, ladies and gentlemen.

He’s also developing more of what I don’t know how to describe other than “spacial awareness.” He can spend eons of time just trying to figure out how to sit in that little nook over there, or lie down on that pillow, or snuggle his body up close to a ledge and reach his arms across it. There are few things as funny as him figuring out this strange world we live in. 

As far as speech goes, he still doesn’t say much. Mostly we’re getting lots of high-pitched squeals (like when he sees a dog), and a few words here and there. A few nights ago he was upset in his bed (and Sebastian really wanted to see mama again), so as Cody and I were listening to see if Bruno was going to quiet down on his own, we hear Sebastian in his little voice say to Bruno, “Bruno, say ‘Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Say Ma-ma, Bruno.’” There was silence for a moment as Bruno thought about Sebastian’s idea, and then quite clearly we heard Bruno say, “Mama!... Mama!” But almost as a question, like “Mama, are you there?” Quite the team they make, don’t you think?

He also says Seb, but it’s more of a loud, “BEH!” He’s not into on-demand performances, though, so you have to catch his words when he decides to grace you with them. He’s way more into the sounds things make than the names of them, anyway. Frequently heard coming from this adorable chubster’s mouth are the sounds of engines, trains, and of course, dogs. Growling is also frequently heard.

This great big boy of ours is a little whirl-wind, shares almost all of his big brother’s clothes, laughs readily at absolutely anything Sebastian says or does, and is the king of imitation. Seb does it, he does it, end of story. Fortunately for us, Sebastian doesn’t get into too much mischief...

We love our Bruny-tunes/Bruny-bear/Bruny/Brunsy a whole lot. (Doesn’t he have the best cheeks this side of the atlantic??)

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