Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This day was funny

Today was good, and seemed funnier to me than most (though truly, it was pretty ordinary). Suddenly I look around and our baby is gone, and we have instead two big boys running around being hilarious. I miss Sebastian when he's at Kindergarten, but it's also been really good to have that time with Bruno. It gives me a chance to go at his pace, and interact with him more and observe his quirks and humor. This time with him has been accentuated in the last few days because one of the wheels to our stroller broke. I would be lying if I said that having Bruno on foot with me hasn't been extremely challenging, but we're getting into the swing of things, and I am pleased to say that not only are my biceps growing, but my patience is, too (and let's not forget Bruny's muscly legs!).

We started the day by taking Seb to Kindy. For a long time, the only friend he talked about was Mia, but last week he connected with a little boy named Yanik, and when I left this morning, that is who he was playing with. Seb told me later that he has lots of Freunde (friends) at Kindergarten that he loves.

After Kindy, Bruno realized that his tricycle was still parked there from Friday! Of course that meant we had to take it to the grocery, where mama promptly got a cart... and buckled him in. No stroller means I am taking every chance I can get to have a break from chasing this crazy man down! He was not amused. (Actually he didn't mind at all. I brought rice cakes along).

On our way out of the grocery, we purchased bread at the bakery. Bruno quickly gave me his half-eaten rice cake and started begging for "Kek kek?" which means Keks, the word for cookie. Well they were all out of Kekse today, so the nice lady gave him a little sample of one of their pastries. He was fine with that arrangement, as seen below.

He snacked while I struggled home with two bags and a 20 mo. old (who is practically the size of a 3 yr. old) on a tricycle. Along the way we found a cat, which Bruno most frequently calls a "Mau" (his pronunciation of the sound a cat makes). Later we saw a similar wall and Bruno said, "Mau mau?? Mau mau?"

We then walked to the library. When we were finished up at the library, we still had 30 minutes before we needed to head back to Kindy to get Seb, so we stopped at the cafe right next to the library. It's actually a mini cafeteria with great windows that is housed within the Reutlingen community college called the Volkshochschule—which literally means "the people's college."I had always thought it looked nice, and today was the perfect time to try it out. We ordered a Butterbrezel and a coffee, and Bruno flirted with the ladies behind me the whole time. A good time was had by all.

Then on the way to Kindy, I gave Bruno two poisonous flowers to take home... How did I not know know that Crocuses were poisonous? No worries. We did some prompt hand-washing, and we're all still alive to tell the tale. He sure was cute with his "Bumge" though (Blumen, the word for flowers).

After lunch, Bruno went down for a nap, and Seb and I watched "Eine Möhre für Zwei" (A German series made by Sesame Street that totally rocks, in case you're wondering). Seb and I then did some crafting. I am taking notes about which crafting books I want to get here. I know there are a lot of ideas floating around on the internet, but am I the only one that gets really annoyed with the fact that to do practically anything these days, you need to look it up on the internet? I hate that. I need me some good old fashion crafting books.

After Bruno woke up, the boys found all kinds of funny things to do together, and pretty much melted my heart so much that it was in a big puddle for a full 30 minutes until Cody came home.

Bruno tried to give Seb a turn, but despite Seb's expert coaching and encouragement, he was unsuccessful. 

Seb is really into patting Bruno on the back when he wants to make him feel better. Bruno, our touchy-feely guy, loves this and just lays on his lap.

This day was funny, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Crocuses are poisonous?! I had no idea!
    I absolutely love the photo of Bruno snuggling on Seb's lap. So cute and funny! And I've been wanting to see these awesome boy-tights you've been talking about and here they are. Now I'd like some of these and the mud pants!
    Kate M