Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"Joining Jodi's 52 Project with "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Sebastian | This big kid learned to ride a bike over the weekend. (I took this picture while Cody ran back into our apartment to get Seb's helmet). He has had a balance bike since his 2nd birthday, and then a couple weeks ago he started riding a bike with training wheels. the combined experience of balancing, and then pedaling meant that he literally got on his bike without training wheels and started riding! Cody was with him at the park when he started, and was shocked that he didn't need any help. We're so proud of this little guy. He doesn't want to do anything else now, and keeps talking about buying Mama, Dada, and Bruno bikes so that we can ride with him.

Bruno | This face. Bruno is teething constantly, and gets worked up pretty quickly. Everything is difficult from changing his diaper to putting his shoes on to getting him to realize that hitting is not actually a form of affection (unless you're a couple of lovestruck teenagers, that is, but he doesn't need to know that yet). But the other half of the time he's like this. He is super affectionate and wants to give us all kisses at bedtime. A few nights ago, he said, "Kuu Kuu!" to Cody. It was dark, as he was taking him into the bedroom to put him to sleep, so Cody naively accepted the kiss. Bruno had let his pacifier drop out and was sticking out his very slobbery tongue. Cody said he had Bruno's spit dripping down his chin (!!!!), but Bruno was content that he got to give Daddy a kiss, and went right to sleep. Ha! Oh the love of a parent, right?


  1. Oh your boys! I'm so excited to have two boys! :) We are with you on the teething...or were. Now it seems that tantrums are just "the cool thing" regardless of whether they're justified...so we're dealing with that.
    Yay Seb! You can be a biking family! :)

  2. Mary,
    I loved your post about living in Germany on Hannah's blog. Very beautiful--thanks for sharing! God bless you all!